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20000lm Genuine Shadowhawk X800 Flashlight L2 LED Military Tactical Torch 18650

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The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight: More Than Just a Cool Flashlight

Flashlight addicts, junkies and specialists get more than they bargain for with the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight. That's because it delivers us from dim flashlight disorder on so many levels with multiple modes and fancy functions that you can't describe all it does without sharing each individual setting. While the product's pitch might be aggressively announced in their campaigns using the scarcity and a fear-laden message of the rise in domestic terrorism and natural disaster preparation, one can not help but understand the bare necessity and basic necessary need to have a bright light when needed.
Whether you are driving at night or an avid camper, or a late night house roamer – you can find practical uses for a professional-grade tactical flashlight equipped with LED lighting technology that is military-inspired and extremely durable and reliable for the long haul and use. 

What Makes This The Best Tactical Flashlight?

The most striking feature of this flashlight is the incredible power of the bulb. Blasting out at over 8000 lumens, the Cree le LED bulb easily outpowers most flashlights on the market. 
And that brings us to the second feature: the strobe setting on the device. 8000+ lumens is enough to stun anyone into submission, but turn that into a strobe and you've just added the disorienting power of a blow to the head…all without laying a finger on your assailant. 

Warning: if you shine this in someone's eyes, you will blind that person (temporarily of course). 

What is included:
1x Shadowhawk X800 flashlight
1x AU charger
1x car charger
1x USB charger cable
1x charging slot
1x original shaodowhawk battery 5000mah
1x flashlight holster
1x original shadowhawk X800 gift box
1X AAA Battery holder + 18650 battery tube

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